Originally written for The Fletcher School’s Gender Theory & Praxis course, published on Gender Analysis blog as part of LEADS program, October 2020.

There are nearly 1,000 classified hate groups in America today, with an outsize distribution of white-supremacists nationwide. Men are typically considered its evangelists, an assumption aided by…

Originally written for Harvard Kennedy School’s Digital Platforms, Journalism & Information course, March 2020.

Foer’s “World Without Mind” frames the advent of technology monopolies as a successful project to mold humanity and human nature through the “reordering of production and consumption of knowledge” then imposed upon us. The industry’s once…

Originally written for The Fletcher School’s International Communication course, October 2019.

The internationalization of media has given way to a new group of powerful stakeholders: moneyed media owners fostering an ecosystem of “uneven” globalization. This has fundamentally transformed what news gets written, how it’s distributed, and understood by the masses…

Adriana Lamirande

A place to gather research papers, academic projects, op-ed columns and creative musings. Interests include internet policy, human rights & video art.

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